hacking sleep ebook


Proven Ways To Get Better Optimized Sleep

hacking sleep ebook
“I was already successful in my career, but wanted to go bigger. Coaching with Tina has completely opened up my mind up to what’s possible. Not only did I learn strategies for growth, I learned how to implement them in real time. This program is LIFE CHANGING!”
Juneil Bettis
Juneil B

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Sleep is by far one of the most underrated activities. When are rested and feel refreshed we can achieve great results. Learn how to hack your sleep and take your performance to the next. 

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“Since starting my coaching with MYP I have learned completely new strategies, and accomplished more towards my goals in the last two weeks than I have in the last few months. This program has easily been one of the best investments I’ve ever made!”
Maria Moore

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Tina Bonner

By mastering our brain, body, and mind we shatter stress & overwhelm and unlock the clarity, excellence, and stamina needed to show up daily as the powerhouses we really are. 

My life’s mission is simple: to encourage & train powerful people like yourself, who aren’t afraid to do the work, how to maximize their human potential and forge an unstoppable path to greatness.

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Proven Ways To Get Better, Optimized Sleep​