Morning Thoughts: Prayer vs Performance

One of the things I’m consistently challenged with is finding the balance between spiritual and practical approaches to achieving peak performance. I grew up in the church so a lot of my experience has been centered around the idea that “all you have to do is pray”.

In my adult years it became clear that the solo strategy of prayer is not realistic to getting extraordinary things done like fulfilling purpose. As the Bible states, it also takes “works” alongside our belief. So where does faith fit into a life of peak performance?

The Bible says that God hears us from heaven when we pray. So could it be that praying is less of a bunch request, and more of a plea of help to the almighty? In other words, perhaps prayer isn’t about asking for things we want or to fix our problems, but rather a way for us to recognize our mortality and formally invite God, in all of his splendor, to lead our pursuit?

God ultimately has the final say (#GodsPlan) for our lives, but I’m starting to believe it’s our responsibility to submit the request of help. I mean why wouldn’t we solicit help from the Almighty!? There are countless stories in the Bible where people prayed for help and God showed up and assisted in their pursuit. What makes now any different? PRAYER + PERFORMANCE = GODSPLAN.

I’m taking some time today to shift my perspective about prayer and performance — to see it as a strategy to invite God in to guide/underwrite/favor my hard work, and not as a means to fix my shortcomings.


“I dear Lord, thank you for this amazing day! I bless you for giving me another moment in time. I ask you to be with me today as I pursue my high calling. Please reveal to me the places that I’m falling short so that I can tend to them. I ask you to help me to stay focused on my purpose, and not to be distracted by the things of self. I ask for courage and help to stay away from temptation, and help me to remember that this life is bigger than me and my desires. I pray that even though times will get hard, that my faith will not fail! May YOUR will be done today. Amen!”